B&B Manual

  • CHECK-IN: any time after 12 A.M. (for a possibility of an earlier arrival, let us know in advance.)
  • CHECK-OUT: 11 A.M. (later times are usually possible, but let us know in advance.)


  • Please observe quite time before 8 A.M. and 10 P.M.
  • A non-smoking area, but you are welcome to smoke outside or in the terrace.
  • No loud parties and unannounced guests.
  • Please, turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Please, do not throw anything except toilet paper in the toilet.
  • Please, do not take anything (towels, decorations, cups etc.) outside the room/building. We might charge you for the missing items.
  • Please, treat a room well. In case of damage or loss, we might ask you to compensate for the damages.

PS: For security reasons, parking space is monitored by cameras.


  • for instant help, reach us via reception, contact us on (+420) 721 091 894 or by email: contact@chopsticksbnb.com (we are very responsive to emails.)
  • GROCERY STORE – there is a grocery store (Daily Fresh), which is open from     6 A.M. to 8 P.M. and you can buy anything there: tickets (CZK 24,- for 30 min.; CZK 32,- for 90 min. or 24 hours tickets – CZK 110,-), sim cards, drinks, refreshments, drug store, tobacco and so on.
  • Sport Area Ĺ eberov, where you can play minigolf, tennis, basketball, pĂ©tanque etc. you can get there by turning to the left from the school 3 min by walk). www.sportseberov.cz
  • Children’s playgrounds and animal fences (deer, sheep, goats, peacocks) nearby. (on the left side or right side of the school).
  • Stáj Trojan: horse trail rides, walking distance from our place (K VrbiÄŤkám 30).
  • Kunratice – many Czech restaurants and shops in Kunratice district (2 km, 5 min by car)
  • OC Chodov – the most popular shopping centre Prague, with many shops and restaurants (1,2 km, 4 min by car).
  • TRANSPORT – for transport planning, check the website www.idos.cz (it’s also in EN and DE), select Prague Public Transport (timetable) and write the location you’d like to go, it’ s usually a name of a bus/tram stop or metro (e.g.: V Ladech to Muzeum). In case you plan ahead, fill in a time.
  • The bus stop near our house is called V Ladech – sometimes when you arrive late or during the weekends, you have to press a stop button (na znamenĂ­).
  • The last metro arrives around midnight 12:16 – 12:20 A.M; the last bus 327 arrives to Opatov at 12.45 A.M. After that, overnight transport (trams + buses) is provided. The night bus 901 (V ladech) operates after midnight. Another night 511 (U Dálnice – bus stops there on request and it’s 8 min. walking from the house) is near the bus station Ĺ eberov. From the city centre, you can find the bus 511 in I.P Pavlova, the Main station or Muzeum. For any troubles, you can reach us on 721 091 894.

Thank you for reading and most importantly, enjoy your stay!